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I won't call out the company that put up this idiotic plot on their web site, but the dollars listed on the horizontal axis are supposed to be represented by the blue curve on the plot. See anything wrong?

That's right. The dollars are perfectly linear -- increasing by $336 every year, whereas the plotted blue curve is not (nor is the orange one). On a linear vertical scale, the correctly plotted dollar values should look like this:

I guess the company didn't think the correctly plotted curve looked elegant enough, but why on earth would they want you to think that their prices go up nonlinearly over time, increasing more and more every year? I was thinking of looking into this company's service, but if they can't get a simple plot right, they probably can't get their service right, either.

I decided I wanted to vent a bit about PlayBuzz and realized I had no real place to put such a vent, hence, my first ever general "blog" entry on willus.com after nearly 20 years of hosting the site. And I only wanted to vent because when I google "playbuzz is a scam," there are a surprisingly small number of relevant results. Are people really so oblivious? I'm a natural skeptic, so when I first got a perfect score on a PlayBuzz quiz, I immediately re-took it and intentially clicked on several wrong answers. The results: I got a perfect score again! Or I would get 9 of 10 or 14 of 15. "Empty Al" (see his comment here) had the exact same experience. Just try taking a Playbuzz quiz and intentionally getting several answers wrong. And do you really think you're a genius for knowing that a crocodile is different from a lion, tiger, and bear? Or that a triangle is different from a square, rectangle, and parallelogram? Come on. Playbuzz is feel-good click bait with completely bogus scoring and ridiculous claims. Which leads me to my main question:

Is everybody in on it and they're all okay with it--i.e. harmless feel-good fun? Or do people really not know?

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