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I decided I wanted to vent a bit about PlayBuzz and realized I had no real place to put such a vent, hence, my first ever general "blog" entry on willus.com after nearly 20 years of hosting the site. And I only wanted to vent because when I google "playbuzz is a scam," there are a surprisingly small number of relevant results. Are people really so oblivious? I'm a natural skeptic, so when I first got a perfect score on a PlayBuzz quiz, I immediately re-took it and intentially clicked on several wrong answers. The results: I got a perfect score again! Or I would get 9 of 10 or 14 of 15. "Empty Al" (see his comment here) had the exact same experience. Just try taking a Playbuzz quiz and intentionally getting several answers wrong. And do you really think you're a genius for knowing that a crocodile is different from a lion, tiger, and bear? Or that a triangle is different from a square, rectangle, and parallelogram? Come on. Playbuzz is feel-good click bait with completely bogus scoring and ridiculous claims. Which leads me to my main question:

Is everybody in on it and they're all okay with it--i.e. harmless feel-good fun? Or do people really not know?

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