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Info-Zip Binaries
Recently Compiled Info-Zip Binaries for Windows and Linux

  These are Info-Zip binaries for Zip 3.1 and Unzip 6.0 that I have compiled on a Core-i5 system (Win32/Win64 versions) using gcc 4.4 or an Opteron system using gcc 3.4 (Linux versions). All versions are compiled with Bzip2 support.

    Win32 unzip.exe  | Linux x86 unzip

    Benchmarks (scroll to bottom)! (2-23-10)

    Win32 Binaries (2-7-10)

    Win64 Binaries (2-7-10)

    Linux x86 Binaries (4-20-09)

    Linux x64 Binaries (4-20-09)

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