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Recycle Your E-Waste
Don't throw away that phone, computer, or television!

  E-waste is a term which covers modern electronic waste such as household televisions, computers, tablets, mobile phones, printer cartridges, etc. Because this equipment rapidly goes out of date, modern contries are generating millions of tons of E-waste annually. Because a significant fraction of E-waste is toxic (containing lead, mercury, and chromium, for example), many states are moving quickly to enact E-waste legislation on disposal/recycling practices. For now, do your part. Learn about E-waste and understand what to do with yours. Here are some links to help.

   Consumer Reports' GreenerChoices.org (started on April 22, 2005--Earth Day)

   Verizon's phone recycling page and informative video.

   E-Waste Guide, excellent resource from the Switzerland.

   Google "E-waste".

   Try putting your city or county or state name into a search engine like Google along with the terms "E-waste" or "E-waste roundup."

   RecycleFree.com, for printer-cartridge and mobile phone recycling. They'll send you pre-paid envelopes at no charge. You simply put your cartridge or old mobile phone in and mail. I've tried this, and I got the envelopes within five days. It's a very nice service.


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