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Energy Usage and Policy
The most important issue of this century

  Energy usage, particularly of non-renewable resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, is an integral part of the industrialized world and will shape world politics for the next century, yet most Americans don't know much about it. This page is a work in progress, but it is meant to get you thinking about this very important issue.

Simple energy facts:

    -- Just about everything you do involves consumption of energy, from living in a comfortable home to driving to work to buying groceries and feeding yourself.

    -- Oil, in particular, is the life-blood of industry. The United States makes up 5% of the world population, yet uses roughly 25% of its oil. Oil usage is involved in virtually every product we produce or consume.

    -- Demand for energy is constantly on the rise, particularly in countries like India and China, which are going through a significant industrialization phase.

    -- Peak Oil is the term used to represent when demand for oil will exceed the supply. Experts believe this will occur sometime in the next thirty years. Pessimists think it has already happened. The two times in the past when demand exceeded supply were followed by recessions, and those previous two times were artificial scenarios. Peak Oil will not be artificial. It will be irreversible.

Do your part. Understand your energy usage and your country's energy policies. Here are some links to help.

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Oil Poster.org
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   Take an energy usage quiz.

The End of Oil
   a book by Paul Roberts

Peak Oil Reading List Links

Association for the Study of Peak Oil

Richard Heinberg's Web Site
   author of Powerdown


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