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  No Globbing
By default compile, if you run a MinGW compiled command-line utility and pass it a wildcard argument such as *.c, it acts exactly as a unix utility and looks for every file ending in .c in your current file directory, replacing the *.c argument with the name of every one of those files so that your program never actually sees the *.c. (In unix/linux, it's actually the shell that does this work.) To prevent MinGW C programs from mimicking this "globbing," (e.g. to actually see "*.c" as the command argument) put CRT_noglob.o (in the MinGW library directory) at the beginning of your link list when linking.

Or, put this into your C code to turn on or off from inside your program:

extern int _CRT_glob = 0; /* 0 turns off globbing; 1 turns it on */

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