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  I am an engineer by profession and computing enthusiast by hobby. I got into computers with the arrival of the TRS-80 "microcomputer" back in 1979 (try my TRS-80 emulator page). I was an instant addict. Since then, I've owned several variants of the TRS-80 (I still have my Model 4P, and it still boots), a Commodore 64, a Timex Sinclair 1000, an original 128K Macintosh, an Amiga 500, and, more lately, several x86-based PC's. My home PC as of 2010 is custom built (still using the same tower enclosure, mouse, and keyboard that I started with in 2000--it's hard to find beige components these days!) and is my first one running a 64-bit O/S, Windows 7, on an Intel Core-i5 670 CPU with dual 2 TB drives (and an Intel X25MG2 SSD boot drive).

Most of my programming work is in C these days, which I learned in 1985 using Borland's Turbo C (way ahead of its time!) on an IBM AT. That was another case where I was an instant addict. C was the perfect blend of a high-level language with low-level access that solved all of the things I hated about having to combine BASIC and assembly language, which I had relied upon until that point. I have never felt compelled to use a different language since learning C, although I have tried quite a few (sometimes willingly, sometimes out of necessity). I enjoy the challenge of creating cross-platform applications (Linux/Unix, Windows, and sometimes OSX), though I'm not much of a GUI guy, as you'll be able to tell if you use any of my software (most of my programs are command-line centric). My interest in C has resulted in my C compiler pages.

When not working or spending time with my wife, son, two cats, and one dog (and when not watching Monday Night Football!), I occasionally find the time to update willus.com, my personal web site, where I keep links and information that I find to be useful. I use lots of free and open source software (FOSS), so I've posted some of my own software for free download. I also enjoy using digital cameras, though I definitely put the amateur in amateur photographer. I've learned a thing or two about streaming videos in the process of posting home videos from my digital cameras.


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