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Willus.com's Software Archive
These programs are all freeware.
Win32 programs run under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7.
Win64 programs run under Windows Vista/Win7 64-bit.
Some programs require DOSBox to run under Win64 (Windows Vista/Win7 64-bit).


K2pdfopt, a PDF/DJVU optimizer for mobile e-readers such as the Kindle, now has its own page (as of 9-18-11) with an easier-to-remember URL (willus.com/k2pdfopt).
[See NOTE at right.] Pdfr (PDF Re-scan) saves a new version of your PDF (or DJVU) file where the pages are re-scanned to bitmaps and then assembled back into a PDF file. You can use it to reduce the size of scanned bitmaps and/or pull certain pages, sharpen them, adjust the gamma value, or convert to grayscale. This has the side benefit that it removes all dependence on fonts, so that you can be sure your PDF document will be readable on anybody's PDF reader. It runs just like k2pdfopt.

NOTE: As of Nov 1, 2012, pdfr not only runs like k2pdfopt, it is k2pdfopt. Version 1.60 (and up) of k2pdfopt does the job of pdfr if you use the -mode copy command-line option (or select "mo" from the user menu and then choose "c" for copy). Since k2pdfopt duplicates the functionality of pdfr, I no longer distribute pdfr.


wdpv.exe v1.12
(Win32, 2.00 MiB)
(used to be rsdpv.exe)

Linux i386
Linux x64
Version history

This program takes any bitmaps given to it (.png, .jpg, or .bmp) and converts them to bitmaps compatible with digital picture frames such as the ones listed at the right. This will help you maximize the number of images you can put in your viewer. Also, wdpv.exe outputs JPEGs with a standard Huffman table, which is the most compatible type of file for digital picture viewers. The target image size is adjustable to whatever frame you may purchase. For the Philips display, for example, you'll want to use the -geom 720x480 and -p command line options (the -p option, specifically for the Philips display, puts a header in the .jpg file that causes it to be auto-included in the slideshow). See the help link at the left for how to do this.

To use wdpv.exe, just drop a photo or a folder full of photos onto the program icon. Or double-click the executable icon for detailed usage. You can have wdpv.exe sort the source photo files by date, name, or with a random shuffle. You can also choose to add time/date stamps and captions to the output files, and/or do custom cropping/image correction for each image (see cropit.exe below). Double-click the program icon for details, or view my wdpv.exe help page.

Radio Shack
cropit.exe v1.08
(Win32, 1.61 MiB)


This is a companion program for wdpv.exe (see above). Because many digital picture frames are quite small, it is important to crop the images you have so that the subject fills the frame and you get the best resolution possible. This is where cropit.exe is useful. It allows you to quickly custom crop/edit a folder full of images without the need for creating a duplicate folder or space-consuming copies of each image. It simply inserts editing instructions into the JPEG file's comment field without altering the file's bitmap data or time stamp. This allows you to undo or re-do the edits to any image. You use cropit.exe much like wdpv.exe: drop files or folders onto the program icon or double-click the program icon to see detailed usage. Cropit v1.08 now compiled with turbo jpeg lib v1.1.1 and gcc 4.5.2.
wresize.exe v1.06
(Win32, 1.99 MiB)
Linux i386
Linux x64

Easy-to-use picture re-sizing program. Just put it on your Windows desktop and then drop picture files (.jpg or .png) onto it. It will create new, re-sized pictures in a folder on your desktop (in Windows) that are perfect for e-mailing to friends so that you don't overload their mailboxes. Also has command line functionality. Does sharpening and can do gamma correction (from command line). Works with cropit.exe (see above) to produce re-sized images that are also optimally cropped. Wresize v1.06 now compiled with turbo jpeg lib v1.1.1 and gcc 4.5.2. Most options can be controlled through environment variables. Double-click to see usage.
wstitch.exe v1.02
(Win32, 626 KiB)


Stitches together two overlapping bitmaps to make one composite bitmap (optimizes the relative translation and rotation of the two bitmaps for the best overlay). The bitmaps should have about the same rotational orientation (to within a few degrees) and should have a significant enough amount of overlap that they can be aligned with each other based on overlapping features. Just drag the two bitmaps (jpeg, png, or bmp) to the wstitch icon. Ideal for making a composite bitmap from multiple scans done on a flatbed scanner, for instance. Not really intended for panoramic composites since no adjustments are made for perspective. Double-click to see usage. Wstitch v1.02 compiled with gcc 4.6.3 and has modestly improved optimization algorithm (3-10-12). Wstitch v1.01 compiled with turbo jpeg lib v1.1.1 and gcc 4.5.2 (7-9-11).


wdir.exe v1.34
Version history
Linux i386 (v1.34)
Linux x64 (v1.34)
HPUX Exe (v1.00)
3-2-18 225 KiB Yet another color directory program. Works from the command shell in Windows. Displays different file extensions in different colors. The important feature of this utility is that you can get a recursive list (-r) of a complete directory structure and have the entire list sorted by size (-s), date (default), or name (-n)--good for finding large files that are eating your disk space or the most recent files in an entire folder and all its subfolders. Other features:
   -h (help) shows all command-line options
   -ext summarizes disk usage by extension type (.doc, .xls, etc.). Works recursively through subfolders with -r option.
   -g searches all files (binary or ASCII) for a pattern (recursively with -r option), like grep.
   -sum lists total space taken up by each subdirectory.
   -gs/-ds automatically creates batch files to process/delete every file listed.
Plus there are options to list full file names (-ff), partial file names (default), or web-friendly file names (-fw) for cutting and pasting as a browser URL. Also prints out file sizes with comma separated numbers so you can easily tell how large they are (or use -nc if you prefer no commas).
Linux, HPUX

wlmback.exe v2.06
Version history
Linux i386
Linux x64
HPUX exe (v1.14)

297 KiB A backup (and restore--as of v2.00) program targeted for backing up one hard drive to another and meant to be run nightly (or periodically). The latest version now offers command line options to restore from a set of backups (see -rj or -rx options). Wlmback supports Zip64 (recommended), tar/gzip, and 7-zip so that backup archives larger than 2 GiB can be used. Backs up a directory recursively using zip (or 7-zip or tar/gzip) on a specified cycle of days (def = one week). Backup files are stored as zip (or 7-zip or gzipped tar) files. If run nightly on a one week cycle, then any snapshot of a file from any of the previous seven days can be recovered (good for when you accidentally delete or modify a file). Limitations: Although individual zip files (pre Zip64) have a size limit of 2 GiB, wlmback gets around this by using multiple zip files (numbering them sequentially) if necessary. So the total disk size that can be backed up has virtually no limit, but the total number of backed up files cannot exceed 2 billion, and no single file can be larger than 2 GiB. With Zip64, 7-zip, or tar/gzip, the 2 GiB single file and archive limitations do not apply. Info-Zip's zip 3.x and unzip 6.x will support Zip64. Run "wlmback -h" for a list of options and example usage. Win32/64
Linux, HPUX (v1.14)
8-14-02 82 KiB Win32 version of unix "which" command. Tells you where a command originates. Checks for doskey macros, batch files, .com files, and .exe files. I use it all the time. Win32/64
httpget.exe 8-14-02 83 KiB Command line utility to get a file from an HTTP server using a web link. Similar to unix wget utility, which is also available for PC's (see my Useful Win32 Software page). I wrote this before I knew about wget. Win32
8-14-02 113 KiB Turn your numlock key on or off. Great for putting in your startup folder if you want your numlock key to be in a certain state after you log in. Works from the command line, too. Win32
93 KiB Sets your PC's clock using the U.S. Naval Observatory web site. Works through a proxy server. Has a non-interactive mode for use with a scheduling program so that you can run it daily if desired. Just download it and double-click it for more info, or run "usnotime -h" from the command line. Win32


Version history
Mac OS X exe
Src and other exes
7-11-05 61 KiB Eval 1.18 is a full featured floating point expression evaluator (calculator) that can assign variables, has many built-in functions and constants, allows input and output in any number base, and uses a C-like syntax for expression evaluation. Full ANSI C source is included, and Eval easily ports to other platforms. See version history at left.
Note: Did you know you can evaluate numeric expressions in Google's search box? Also try Fabrice Bellard's numcalc.com done in Javascript.
Also available for MS-DOS/Win 3.11, Linux, OS X, HPUX, and Solaris (see source archive).
6-16-07 33 KiB Demonstration C program to calculate fixed loan mortgage payments. Win32
STL Viewer 8-11-05 370 KiB Program based on LDView to view stereo-lithography (STL) files in full 3D. You can read more about LDView on my useful Win32 utilities page. STLView has a small footprint and is easy to use. Just drop this installer program to your desktop, double-click it, go into the newly created "stlview" folder, and view the "READ ME" file. NOTE: If you get an OpenGL or other error when LDView runs, just uncheck all of the check boxes for "Show the following Errors." Win32
Zip file w/src
11-11-96 179 KiB Contour v2.40 allows one to plot contour maps and 3D plots given a uniform rectangular grid of "Z-values". There is no documentation available, but it should be fairly self explanatory. To see the file format, run the program, choose option 8, then option 4. Then examine the resultant file. It's a simple format. Contour has postscript output for printing. Runs under Windows Vista and Windows 7 using the free DOS emulator download from DOSBox.com. MS-DOS (VGA or EGA)
Win32 (full screen mode)
Win64 (w/DOSBox)


CIA Adventure:
Web Emulator
Win32 exe
Linux exe
C Source
4-5-03 56 KiB This is a text-based CIA adventure game originally programmed for the TRS-80 by Hugh Lampert. I first played it back in 1980 when I received it on C-Load magazine (Oct 1980), which was a subscription magazine that sent subscribers TRS-80 programs on cassette tapes. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and after all these years, I dug up the original source code on the web (see trs-80.com or wurb.com) and converted it to ANSI C. Simply download, double-click, and enjoy. Or try it on my TRS-80 emulation page! Win32
TRS-80 Emulator
Dungeons & Dragons:
Web Emulator
8-2-14 14 KiB My version of a text-based Dungeons and Dragons game originally programmed for the TRS-80 by Peter Trefonas. This one came on the May 1980 CLOAD tape. It was another of my favorites, and I did a substantial modification to the game. Both versions are available on my TRS-80 emulation page. A detailed discussion of the game, along with a map, can be found at Chester Boilingbroke's blog. TRS-80 Emulator
C Src
(compiles under MinGW)
7-29-18 131 KiB This is the famous Crowther/Woods Colossal Cave Adventure game from the 1970's as ported mostly to C by Eric S. Raymond. I turned Raymond's port (v1.4) into a single C file which can be compiled by MinGW in Windows. Or, if you just want the dungeon.c and dungeon.h files without needing a Python/YAML converter, you can get them here also. Trefonas's TRS-80 Dungeon's and Dragons game (link above) clearly used this game for inspiration. Win32
(C source compiles easily in Linux)
ShowNums.exe 6-26-05 292 KiB Very simple program to display large, colorful numbers and letters to help your young child learn them. Can even speak the letters and numbers if you put this speak.exe program in your path. Press <F1> for a help screen. Win32
(Not sure if speaking works in earlier versions of windows.)
ANSI C Source
1-1-95 53 KiB Practice (and time) your typing. Win32
ANSI C source compiles easily on other platforms.
States.exe 1-1-95 65 KiB United States and capitals geography quiz/game. States 1.0 draws a map of the United States and quizzes you, at your option, on various aspects of each state, including name, capital, largest city (as of 1991), abbreviation, song, bird, flower, motto, nickname, date of entry, and rank of entry into the Union. Runs under Windows Vista and Windows 7 using the free DOS emulator download from DOSBox.com. MS-DOS (VGA or EGA)
Win32 (full screen mode)
Win64 (w/DOSBox)

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