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When the column divider changes position on the page, the ordering of the columns can be amibguous. As of v1.35, k2pdfopt uses a new algorithm for this. The example shown below should make this clear. In k2pdfopt v1.34 and before, k2pdfopt ordered regions as shown below on the right, displaying the two regions at the top of the page first, followed by the two regions on the bottom. As of v1.35, k2pdfopt now orders the regions as shown below on the left. There is one option which controls this, the command line option -comax, which stands for "column offset max". The larger this value is (up to 1.0), the more likely it is that k2pdfopt will order the columns like below. The default is 0.2. If it is set to -1, k2pdfopt reverts to its pre-v1.35 behavior as shown below on the right. One exception to this is that if there is a large gap (greater than 0.25 inches) between the top two regions and the bottom two regions that cuts clear across the page (as in the first page of this file after all the authors names and affiliations), k2pdfopt will also revert back to pre-v1.35 behavior.

See also the other k2pdfopt column options.

k2pdfopt v1.35
-comax -1 (k2pdfopt v1.34 and before)


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