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Getting Started:
    1. Windows
  Text Menu
  (now with video!)
  2. Linux
  Env vars
  3. Mac OSX
  4. Help in other languages

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Customizing K2PDFOPT:
    1. K2pdfopt GUIs
    2. Disabling the Windows GUI
    3. The interactive menu
    4. List of command-line options
    5. Using a shortcut
  (now with video!)
  6. Using the K2PDFOPT environment variable
  7. Using the command line

Adjusting the output:
    1. Screen Size
    2. Increasing the magnification
    3. Landscape mode
    4. Output File Size
    5. Setting Margins
    6. Color Output
    7. Uneven Line Breaks/ Excess Margins

Processing Options:
    1. Showing Markings
    2. OCR
    3. Native PDF
  (now with video!)
    4. Auto-Straightening
    5. Ignoring Borders/ Headers/Footers
    6. Detecting Columns
    7. Protecting Regions
    8. Column Order
    9. Right-to-Left Page Scanning
    10. Using Ghostscript
Instructions for running the command-line are below. If you are running Ubuntu desktop or another Linux desktop using Gnome Nautilus, you can see my Ubuntu help page. Note that you can also run the MS Windows version of k2pdfopt in Wine to take advantage of the MS-Windows GUI in Linux. For setting an environment variable in Linux, see my Linux environment variable help page.

The linux downloads are executables that should be moved to your path and modified to be executable. Then you can run them from a terminal shell. Open a terminal shell and then:
  • cd ~/Downloads/
  • (or wherever you downloaded k2pdfopt)
  • sudo mv k2pdfopt /usr/bin
  • (can be anywhere in your path)
  • sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/k2pdfopt
  •    (make it executable)
  • cd /my/pdf/folder
  • (or wherever you have your PDF file)
  • k2pdfopt myfile.pdf
  • (to convert myfile.pdf)

    If you want to always run with certain customized options, you can create a script. Type the following sequence:
  • cat > k2pdfopt_custom
  • (create script called k2pdfopt_custom)
  • /usr/bin/k2pdfopt -j 0 -odpi 250 $*
  • (This is the first/only line of the script.
    Put whatever options you want--leave the $* at the end, though.)
  • (Press <Enter> and <Ctrl-D>)
  • sudo mv k2pdfopt_custom /usr/bin
  •    (move to exe path)
  • sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/k2pdfopt_custom
  •    (make the script executable)
    Now you can use the command k2pdfopt_custom to run with the custom arguments.

    (Thanks to Saša Šnjarića, aka ssnjara, for the first part.)


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