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Getting Started:
    1. Windows
  Text Menu
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  2. Linux
  Env vars
  3. Mac OSX
  4. Help in other languages

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Customizing K2PDFOPT:
    1. K2pdfopt GUIs
    2. Disabling the Windows GUI
    3. The interactive menu
    4. List of command-line options
    5. Using a shortcut
  (now with video!)
  6. Using the K2PDFOPT environment variable
  7. Using the command line

Adjusting the output:
    1. Screen Size
    2. Increasing the magnification
    3. Landscape mode
    4. Output File Size
    5. Setting Margins
    6. Color Output
    7. Uneven Line Breaks/ Excess Margins

Processing Options:
    1. Showing Markings
    2. OCR
    3. Native PDF
  (now with video!)
    4. Auto-Straightening
    5. Ignoring Borders/ Headers/Footers
    6. Detecting Columns
    7. Protecting Regions
    8. Column Order
    9. Right-to-Left Page Scanning
    10. Using Ghostscript
This is the k2pdfopt menu that is presented each time you launch k2pdfopt (unless you specify the -ui- option or are running the Windows GUI in v2.x--you can get the text menu from Windows by typing k2pdfopt -gui- at the command line. Using the interactive menu, you can select new options for the conversion, show the command-line usage, quit out of k2pdfopt, or enter a file name to convert (unless you have already specified one, for example, by dragging it over to the icon).

For example, if you want full-color output for the conversion, enter c at the prompt (you'll then get another prompt and then type y for yes). After you enter the value for each option, k2pdfopt will return you to the interactive menu again so that you can select another option (or just press <Enter> to begin the document conversion).

NOTE: Starting in v1.60, the interactive menu works a little differently than before. It builds up a set of command-line options as you select your menu options. You will see the command-line options you select displayed next to "Selected options" (highlighted in blue below). At any time, you can clear all the options you have added by typing a dash (-) followed by <Enter>. Typing h (followed by <Enter>) will explain the different inputs you can type at the menu prompt (shown below). You can now enter command-line options directly at the menu prompt, for example.

k2pdfopt v2.12 (w/MuPDF,DjVuLibre,OCR) (c) 2013, GPLv3, http://willus.com
    Compiled Nov 30 2013 with Gnu C (Mingw64) v4.8.2 for Win64 on x64.

 a. Autostraighten (-as)                 n. Native PDF output (-n)
 b. Bitmap type (-jpg,-png,-bpc)         o. Output name (-o)
bp. Break pages (-bp,-f2p)              oc. OCR (-ocr,-ocrvis,...)
 c. Color/Negative output (-c, -neg)    om. Output margins (-om)
co. Column detection (-col,-ch,...)      p. Page range (-p)
cs. Contrast/Sharpen (-cmax,-g,-s,-wt)  pd. Padding/Marking (-p[lrbt],-mc)
 d. Device selection (-dev,-h,-w,-dpi)   r. Right-to-left page scans (-r)
ds. Document scale factor (-ds)         rt. Rotate source page (-sr)
 f. Fit to single column (-fc)           s. Special (-de,-evl,-gs)
gt. Gap thresholds (-gt...)             sm. Show marked source (-sm)
 j. Justification (-j)                   u. Usage (command line opts)
 l. Landscape mode (-ls)                 v. Vertical spacing (-vb,-vs)
 m. Margin to ignore (-m)                w. Wrap/Reflow text (-wrap,-ws)
mo. Mode (-mode)                         x. Exit on completion (-x)

Selected options:  -gui-

Enter option above (h=help, q=quit): h

You may enter any of the following at the prompt:

    (menu item)  Enter one of the 1- or 2-letter menu options.
                 E.g. d or mo (followed by <Enter>).

    <Enter>      Start the conversion process.

    (page range) Set the pages to be converted.  E.g. 1,5,6-10.

    (file name)  Add a file to be converted.  May have wildcards.
                 E.g. myfile.pdf or romance*.pdf.

    (cmd opt)    Enter any command-line option(s) (must start with -).
                 E.g. -dr 2 -wrap+.

    -            Clear all options that you've entered (no undo).
                 (These are shown in green.)

    --           Clear/unclear any options entered at the command line (brown).

    ---          Clear/unclear options from the K2PDFOPT env. variable (cyan).

    q            Quit (abort).
Press <Enter> to re-display the menu.


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