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Getting Started:
    1. Windows
  Text Menu
  (now with video!)
  2. Linux
  Env vars
  3. Mac OSX
  4. Help in other languages

FAQ | Forum

Customizing K2PDFOPT:
    1. K2pdfopt GUIs
    2. Disabling the Windows GUI
    3. The interactive menu
    4. List of command-line options
    5. Using a shortcut
  (now with video!)
  6. Using the K2PDFOPT environment variable
  7. Using the command line

Adjusting the output:
    1. Screen Size
    2. Increasing the magnification
    3. Landscape mode
    4. Output File Size
    5. Setting Margins
    6. Color Output
    7. Uneven Line Breaks/ Excess Margins

Processing Options:
    1. Showing Markings
    2. OCR
    3. Native PDF
  (now with video!)
    4. Auto-Straightening
    5. Ignoring Borders/ Headers/Footers
    6. Detecting Columns
    7. Protecting Regions
    8. Column Order
    9. Right-to-Left Page Scanning
    10. Using Ghostscript

Here are various third-party contributed help pages / tutorials / forums in other languages.
  Arabic (kindle4ar.com)
  Chinese (Baidu forum)
  Greek (linospapa.blogspot)
  Japanese (Net Buffalo)
  Persian (Katabkhan forum)
  Polish (swiatczytnikow.pl)
  Portuguese (Vida Sem Papel)
  Russian (Tufanova)
  Turkish (e-okuyucu.com)
  Ukrainian (Tivasyk@Home)


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