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Getting Started:
    1. Windows
  Text Menu
  (now with video!)
  2. Linux
  Env vars
  3. Mac OSX
  4. Help in other languages

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Customizing K2PDFOPT:
    1. K2pdfopt GUIs
    2. Disabling the Windows GUI
    3. The interactive menu
    4. List of command-line options
    5. Using a shortcut
  (now with video!)
  6. Using the K2PDFOPT environment variable
  7. Using the command line

Adjusting the output:
    1. Screen Size
    2. Increasing the magnification
    3. Landscape mode
    4. Output File Size
    5. Setting Margins
    6. Color Output
    7. Uneven Line Breaks/ Excess Margins

Processing Options:
    1. Showing Markings
    2. OCR
    3. Native PDF
  (now with video!)
    4. Auto-Straightening
    5. Ignoring Borders/ Headers/Footers
    6. Detecting Columns
    7. Protecting Regions
    8. Column Order
    9. Right-to-Left Page Scanning
    10. Using Ghostscript

In older versions of k2pdfopt, and in the Linux and OSX versions, k2pdfopt starts by bringing up an interactive text menu. The video and instructions below describe this version.

Linux users, see also the linux getting started page. Mac users, see the Mac getting started page.


Using k2pdfopt is simple. Just click on the download link, which should bring up a save dialog box like so:
(Using Firefox browser)

Select Desktop when you save...

(Using Firefox browser)

Then just drag the PDF file that you want to convert/optimize to the k2pdfopt icon:


This will launch k2pdfopt, which will bring up the interactive menu:


As shown above, you now have several options. I'll discuss some of them here:


This will do the conversion using the default settings, which often are fine. You'll see k2pdfopt process the document and tell you the resulting location and size of the output file:


The PDF file which has been optimized for your e-reader has _k2opt at the end of the name:


You can now transfer this PDF file to your mobile reader and/or open it with a PDF reader to see how it looks.


You can type in a series of page numbers or page ranges to convert and then press <Enter> to convert only those pages:


... and after you press <Enter> you'll see the updated "Selected options":


... and then press <Enter> again and k2pdfopt will process the file:



If, for example, you want to magnify the output more than the default setting, you can type in o for output dpi [note: as of v1.51, output dpi is set under d] (and then press <Enter>), and then k2pdfopt will prompt you for a new output dpi value, and you can enter a higher value than the default:


After entering the new value, you'll get the interactive menu again, so that you can select another setting to change, or go ahead and convert the file via steps 1 or 2 above.


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